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Air Liquide Foundation

Created in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation represents the Group’s commitment to being a responsible enterprise. The Foundation supports research programs on the environment and healthcare, as well as science education in these fields, and is contributing to local development by encouraging micro-initiatives in the regions in the world where the Group is present.


new projects approved in 2018 in 21 countries


countries where the Air Liquide Foundation is present


projects supported by the Foundation since its creation in 2008


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Foundation has stepped up its actions with a 5-million euro budget for a new five-year term. The Air Liquide Foundation provides financial, material and Human Resources means to the projects which it supports in the countries where the Group is present.

Since its creation, the Foundation has supported more than 300 projects in 52 countries:

  • 42 scientific research programmes in the fields of environment and health
  • 275 micro-initiatives in the fields of education and training, social, access to medical care, energy and water, micro-entrepreneurship, disability...

Committed employees

Air Liquide employees are actively involved in the work of the Foundation. Environmental and healthcare scientific projects are assessed and monitored by experts from Air Liquide’s research centers.

Local development micro-initiatives are sponsored by employees who work near these projects. The Foundation thus provides employees with the opportunity to take part in community work and to express their social and human commitment.

Currently, hundreds of employees are involved in the Foundation’s actions. Their contribution was showcased during the second Air Liquide Foundation Awards held to celebrate the Foundation’s 10th anniversary.

Hundreds of Group?employees involved in the projects supported by the Foundation