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ALbee?: breaking new ground
in small gas cylinders

Air Liquide’s ALbee? product range has been specially engineered to meet the needs of craftsmen, combining unparalleled ergonomics with convenience and safety.

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An easy-to-use product

We developed the range of small gas cylinders. ALbee? is an easy-to-use innovation and a unique offer on the market, specially designed for professional tradesmen such as plumbers and building contractors.


" Its minimal weight is exactly what I need. For example, if you have to work in an aerial lift, with room for only two people, you need a small, light cylinder. The ALbee? cylinder’s capacity relative to its size is another strong point; with the integrated regulator, there is practically no risk if the cylinder falls. Another reason I like ALbee? cylinders is that you do not have to worry about bills lying around because you don’t have to rent them. "

Jean-Marie Julien, owner of CMJ, an ironworking business near Liège in Belgium.


A wide range of products

The ALbee? range of cylinders consists of four different compact and easy-to-use gas mixtures and gases: the ALbee? Flame (oxygen/acetylene) for flame welding, the ALbee? Weld Ar and Weld ArMix (argon and argon/carbon dioxide mix) for arc welding, ALbee? Cool (nitrogen) for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment maintenance and installation and ALbee? Fly (helium) for balloons.


" ALbee? was designed specifically to make the life of tradesmen easier. Mobility is very essential for the type of craftsmen and small businesses that make up our clientele. ALbee? is above all a product that can be transported and handled easily. Not to mention we’ve developed the ALbee? range to meet the diverse needs of our clients, who we constantly strive to be in tune with. "

Guillaume de Verthamon, Product Manager.

ALbee? PLUS offers more proof of this : a portable cylinder that contains even more gas than the ALbee? classic bottle yet is still lightweight. Air Liquide has developed this option to give tradesmen even greater independence by allowing them to save time on refills.

Easy to choose

Ready to use

Our R&D teams developed ALbee? as a ready-to-use cylinder for tradesmen. Its major innovation is the MINITOP?, which has several important features :

A built-in regulator and a content gauge

eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment and reducing maintenance

An on/off lever and a quick connect

to safely handle your cylinder

A graduated handwheel

to easily set your outlet pressure and flowrate

Ready to use

Innovation for HVAC applications

Overall, the MINITOP? with its built-in regulator makes the cylinders easier to use. And it can match specific pressure requirements, such as 45 bars in HVAC leak testing.

" We’re the first company to develop an integrated regulator for HVAC applications with this type of pressure "

Marco Arzenton, International Air Liquide Expert for Gaz and Equipement.

Best for HVAC

Safe and efficient

As there are no additional fittings to be attached or removed, operation is particularly safe and efficient.

The cylinders have also been made lighter to further facilitate transport and handling.

The on/off lever allows a fast cut of the gas and a clear visualization of the open/close positions.

Safe and efficient


ALbee? is now available in 20 countries

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg,
the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal,
Japan, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Costa Rica, Panama and Australia.

Territories are covered by a dense network of distributors.

Rémy Leclerc is an official ALbee? distributor in Belgium.

"?My clients are as varied as mechanics, maintenance departments, metal workshops and professional training centers. ALbee? is highly ergonomic, and they like that. Its ease of use and its capacity are strong selling points.?"

Find a distributor

Air Liquide has launched an application in Benelux to help clients locate distributors, which exists in mobile version, Air Liquide Distributor Locator.

" It’s a first of its kind. We have the largest distribution network in the region. We have a lot of customers who call us to find a distributor. The application makes it much easier for them to find what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. It also allows us to show our clients the extent of our reach. "

Patrick Dodemont, Small Cylinders Manager, Benelux.

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